Curriculum Vitae

Charles E. Moulton, Jr.
215-768-6812 (cell)
1036 Hemlock Dr. • Blue Bell, PA 19422


Ph.D. in economics George Mason University 2008-2018
  • fields
    • monetary theory
    • Austrian economics
  • dissertastion
    • title: Essays on the Future of Money
    • committee: Lawrence H. White (chair), Peter J. Boettke, Bryan D. Caplan
    • defended: November 27, 2018
accounting courses Strayer University 2008-2009
M.A. in Economics San Jose State University 2007-2008
economics courses Auburn University 2007
J.D. in Law Villanova University School of Law 2003-2006
computer science courses Montgomery County Community College 2001-2002
B.S. in Mathematics Rochester Institute of Technology 1997-2001
  • completed 67 credits in Computer Science (no minors available)

Teaching Experience

Graduate Lecturer George Mason University 2010-2012
Teaching Assistant San Jose State University 2008
  • graded quizzes for Professor Jeffrey Rogers Hummel’s money & banking class


Working Papers

  • Moulton, Charles E. (2015). “Stabilizing the Bitcoin Price Level with an Elastic Money Supply”
  • Moulton, Charles E. (2015). “Transitioning a National Currency to Bitcoin with Dollarization or a Currency Board”
  • Moulton, Charles E. (2016). “Cost-Benefit Analysis of Financial Privacy”

Popular Press


Research Interests


  • monetary theory & policy
    • digital money
    • free banking
    • Federal Reserve reform
    • financial regulation
  • international economics
    • immigration
    • trade agreements
    • optimal currency areas


  • law & economics
    • polycentric legal orders
    • asset forfeiture
    • criminal laws: prostitution, gambling, marijuana, money laundering
  • macroeconomics
    • 2008 financial crisis
    • income inequality

Teaching Interests


  • money & banking (taught 2 semesters)
  • international economics (taught 2 semesters)
  • law & economics
  • intermediate macroeconomics
  • principles of macroeconomics


  • economic development
  • environmental economics
  • mathematical economics (taught 1 semester)
  • game theory
  • economic history of the U.S.

Public Policy Experience

Law Clerk Cato Institute 2006
  • researched for Roger Pilon, Timothy Lynch, Robert Levy, William Niskanen, and David Boaz
  • staffed weekly Cato conferences on a wide variety of libertarian topics at the Cato building and on Capitol Hill


References available upon request.