Chuck Moulton is passionate about libertarianism and electing Libertarians to public office. He registered as a Libertarian the day he turned 18, watched the 1996 and 2000 Libertarian national conventions on C-SPAN, and joined the Libertarian Party in 1999. He became active in 2003, immediately stepping into leadership positions and preparing to run for public office.

Chuck is a Life Member of the Libertarian Party. He pledges $100/month each to the national Libertarian Party, the Libertarian National Congressional Committee, and the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. Additional time, money, and resources have been donated to individual projects.

Chuck has a Juris Doctor from Villanova University School of Law and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is proficient in 10 programming languages and has CCNA and CNA certifications. While in law school, he was twice elected to the student government and started a Libertarian club.

In the spring semester of 2006 Chuck was a legal intern for the Cato Institute, working with the Center for Constitutional Studies. He is currently studying for the Pennsylvania and New Jersey bar exams.

Chuck is Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. Previous LPPA positions include Montgomery County Representative, Election Committee Chair, Webmaster, and Secretary.

At the 2004 national convention, Chuck was elected Region 5E Alternate to the Libertarian National Committee. He has perfect attendance at LNC meetings, where he is very vocal. Over his tenure he has earned the respect of most of the LNC and the members of his region.

Chuck had the original idea to start a new national committee focusing on electing Libertarians to high partisan offices. Along with M Carling, he implemented the Libertarian National Congressional Committee by getting LNC approval and incorporating. He currently serves as Webmaster and Secretary on the initial Board of Directors.

Chuck ran for U.S. Congress as a Libertarian in 2004 (then 25 years old). He participated in 5 televised debates with his Republican and Democrat opponents, set up hundreds of yard signs, and spread the libertarian message in numerous newspaper, radio, and television interviews.

Chuck worked polls for candidates all day long every Primary Day and Election Day since 2002. He collected over 1000 petition signatures in 2004. His 2005 candidate recruitment letter netted 28 elected Libertarians.

Chuck’s other hobbies include Toastmasters, chess, poker, bridge, juggling, unicycling, rock climbing, frisbee, television, and reading. He is a lifelong resident of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia).